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Tried to do cute Ichiruki nails…… And failed, but it was fun :3

Tried to do cute Ichiruki nails…… And failed, but it was fun :3



 I just want to thank Shipper Aizen, because without him, none of this would be possible.


I  would also like  to thank Kubo Tite for bitchslapping IchiHime with Shipper Aizen, after all the times they laughed at IR shippers saying that Aizen’s machinations means IchiRuki were not a destined pair..because KUBO SAYS IT DOES MEAN JUST THAT!



Bleach Episode 342

I know the 1st half is a filler but WHO CARES!!!!! MY SHIP DAMMIT!!!


i will always love ulqiorra and orihime’s relationship but if he’s never going to be revived, i’m fucking cheering for ishida and orihime to be end game, cause seriously they are the princess and the knight whilst ichigo and rukia are the king and queen can i get a hell to the yeah a+ pairing

This weeks reaction with gifs


Everyone being super bad ass! 

Rukia being cool as fuck (I love her so much. She’s making sure no one gets in the way of her strawberry)

Uryuu and Ichigo seeing each other 

Orihime and Chad showing up 

I’m still wondering why didn’t they bring reinforcement 

Ichigo confused 

Overall this chapter has me punching walls